This page details many of the players drafted by the Jays back to the 1999 draft. For older drafts there is a summary showing how many players have made it to the major leagues from each draft.

2010 Draft

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Deck McGuireRHPCollegeAA
1sAaron SanchezRHPHSA
1sNoah SyndergaardRHPHSA
1sAsher WojciechowskiRHPCollegeHigh A
2Griffin MurphyLHPHSRookie
2Kellen Sweeney3BHSRookie+
2Justin NicolinoLHPHSA
3Chris Hawkins3BHSRookie+
3sMarcus KnechtOFJCA
4Sam DysonRHPCollegeDNP
5Dickie Joe ThonSSHSRookie
6Sean NolinLHPJCA
7Mitchell TaylorLHPHSRookie+
8Logan EhlersLHPHSUnsigned
9Brandon MimsSSHSRetired
10Tyler ShreveRHPHSUnsigned
11Shane OpitzSSHSLow A
12Omar CottoOFHSUnsigned
13Tyler PaintonLHPHSUnsigned
14Dayton MarzeRHPCollegeA
15Zak AdamsLHPHSRookie
16Dalton PompeyOFHSRookie+
17Myles JayeRHPHSTraded to White Sox
18Kris Bryant3BHSUnsigned
19Travis GarrettRHPJCRookie
20Art Charles1B/LHPJCRookie+
21Chris MarloweRHPJCUnsigned
22Aaron WestlakeOFCollegeUnsigned
23Angel GomezOFHSRookie
24Ronnie MelendezOFJCRookie
25Brando TessarRHPHSUnsigned
26Jay JohnsonLHPCollegeUnsigned
27Eric ArceCHSUnsigned
28Adaric KellyRHPHSRookie
29Jonathan JonesOFCollegeA
30Steve McQuailOFCollegeLow A

2009 Draft

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Chad JenkinsRHPCollegeAA
1sJames PaxtonLHPCollegeUnsigned
2Jake EliopoulosLHPHSUnsigned
3Jake BarrettRHPHSUnsigned
3Jake MarisnickOFHSA
4Ryan GoinsSSCollegeHigh A
5Ryan Schimpf2BCollegeHigh A
7Egan SmithLHPJCA
8Brian SloverRHPCollegeA
9Aaron LoupLHPCollegeHigh A
10Yan GomesCCollegeAA
11Sean OchinkoCCollegeHigh A
12Bryson Namba3BHSA
13Matt MorgalRHPCollegeReleased
14Lance Durham1BCollegeReleased
15Drew HutchisonRHPHSAA
16Dave SeverRHPCollegeReleased
17Steve TurnbullRHPCollegeHigh A
18Daniel WebbRHPJCTraded to White Sox
19Ryan TeperaRHPCollegeHigh A
20Kevin NolanSSCollegeA
21Kurt GillerRHPHSUnsigned
22Matt FieldsRHPJCA
23Brad GlennOFCollegeHigh A
24Matt NuzzoSSCollegeA
25Sam StricklandLHPCollegeReleased
26Lance LoftinRHPJCReleased
27Brian JusticeRHPCollegeReleased
28Zach OutmanRHPJCReleased
29Zach AndersonRHPCollegeA
30Tim McDonaldOFHSUnsigned

2008 Draft

Three 2008 Blue Jay draftees have made it to the major leagues, David Cooper; Eric Thames and Danny Farquhar.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1David Cooper1BCollegeAAA
2Kenny WilsonOFHSHigh A
3Andrew LiebelRHPCollegeHigh A
4Mark Sobolewski3BCollegeAA
5Tyler PastornickySSHSTraded in Escobar trade
6Markus BriskerOFHSA
7Eric ThamesOFCollegeBlue Jays
8Evan CrawfordLHPCollegeAA
9AJ JimenezCHSHigh A
10Danny FarquharRHPCollegeAAA
11Dustin AntolinRHPHSA
12Matt WrightLHPCollegeAA
13Matt DalyRHPCollegeHigh A
14Chris HolquinRHPCollegeReleased
15Scott GraceyRHPCollegeHigh A
16Michael CrouseOFHSA
17Jonnathan ValdezCHSReleased
18Bobby BellRHPCollegeRetired
19Jason RoenickeRHPCollegeReleased
20Ryan PageLHPCollegeReleased
21Brian Van KirkOFCollegeHigh A
22Karim TurkamaniCJCReleased
23Chuck HugginsLHPCollegeRetired
24Chris HopkinsOFCollegeReleased
25Brad McElroyOFCollegeHigh A
26Justin DallesCJCUnsigned
27Bryan KervinSSCollegeLow A
28John AndersonLHPJCA
29Justin CryerRHPCollegeReleased
30Cody DunbarRHPCollegeReleased

2007 Draft

Seven 2007 Blue Jay draftees have made it to the major leagues, Brett Cecil; Brad Mills; JP Arencibia; Marc Rzepczynski; Trystan Magnuson; Brad Emaus and Darin Mastroianni.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Kevin Ahrens3BHSHigh A
1JP ArencibiaCCollegeBlue Jays
1sBrett CecilLHPCollegeBlue Jays
1sJustin JacksonSSHSAA
1sTrystan MagnusonRHPCollegeAAA
2John Tolisano2BHSAA
2Eric EilandOFHSReleased
3Alan FarinaRHPCollegeAA
4Brad MillsLHPCollegeAAA
5Marc RzepcynskiLHPCollegeCardinals
6Mike McDade1BHSAA
7Randy BooneRHPCollegeAAA
8Scott LefflerRHPCollegeReleased
9Marcus WaldenRHPJCA
10Joel CollinsCCollegeReleased
11Brad Emaus2BCollegeLost in rule 5 draft
12Steve CondottaSSCollegeReleased
13Jon TalleyCHSHigh A
14Cody CrowellLHPCollegeReleased
15Nate JenningsRHPCollegeReleased
16Darin Mastroianni2BCollegeTwins
17Adalberto Santos2BJCUnsigned
18Chris CorriganRHPJCUnsigned
19Brian LetkoLHPCollegeReleased
20Jake HaleRHPCollegeUnsigned
21Cody DunbarRHPCollegeUnsigned
22Matt ThompsonRHPJCUnsigned
23Frank GaileyLHPCollegeHigh A
24Jimmy DougherRHPCollegeReleased
25Jay MontiRHPCollegeReleased
26Ross BuckwalterRHPCollegeReleased
27Kyle GilliganSSJCReleased

2006 Draft

Two 2006 Blue Jay draftees have made it to the major leagues, Travis Snider and Graham Godfrey.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Travis SniderOFHSBlue Jays
4Brandon MageeRHPCollegeReleased
5Luke Hopkins1BCollegeRetired
6Brian JerolomanCCollegeAAA
7John BakshOFCollegeRetired
8Dan O'BrienLHPCollegeReleased
9Cole FigueroaSSHSUnsigned
10Scott Campbell2BCollegeAA
11Matt LaneCCollegeReleased
12Jonathan DiazSSCollegeAAA
13Mikal GarbarinoOFHSReleased
14Shawn ScobeeOFCollegeReleased
15Seth OverbeyRHPCollegeReleased
16Chase LiretteRHPCollegeReleased
17Kyle GinleyRHPJCReleased
18Kyle WalterLHPCollegeReleased
19Matt LiuzzaCCollegeReleased
20Jonathan Del CampoSSHSReleased
21Ronald LoweLHPCollegeReleased
22Brad MillsLHPCollegeRedrafted 2007
23Adam CalderoneOFCollegeLost in rule 5 draft
24Keith DemorgandieRHPJCReleased
25Luis FernandezSSHSReleased
26Chris EmanuelleOFCollegeReleased
27Pat McGuiganRHPCollegeReleased
28Zach DialsRHPCollegeReleased
30Raul BarronSSJCReleased
31Adam RogersRHPCollegeReleased
32John TritzRHPCollegeReleased
34Graham GodfreyRHPCollegeTraded to Oakland
35John ZinnickerLHPCollegeReleased
37Ben ZeskindOFCollegeReleased
40Ted SerroRHPCollegeReleased

2005 Draft

Two 2005 Blue Jay draftees have made it to the major leagues, Ricky Romero and Robert Ray.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Ricky RomeroLHPCollegeBlue Jays
3Brian PettwayOFCollegeReleased
4Ryan PattersonOFCollegeReleased
5Eric FowlerLHPCollegeReleased
6Josh BellCCollegeReleased
7Robert RayRHPCollegeMinor league free agent
8Jacob ButlerOFCollegeReleased
9Paul PhillipsRHPCollegeReleased
10Josh SowersRHPCollegeReleased
11Wes StoneSSHSReleased
12Billy CarnlineRHPCollegeReleased
13Anthony Hatch3BCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
14Sean StidfoleRHPCollegeReleased
15Sean Shoffit2BJCHigh A
16Kyle BohmCCollegeRetired
17Tyler NorrickLHPCollegeUnsigned
18Rob HogueLHPHSUnsigned
19Reidier GonzalezRHPJCAA
20Zach KalterOFCollegeReleased
21Chris MartinezCCollegeReleased
22Dennis BigleyRHPCollegeReleased
23Manuel GarciaRHPPRUnsigned
24Alex McRobbieRHPCollegeReleased
25Philip CareySSHSUnsigned
26Marshall BernhardSSCollegeReleased
28Scott ByrnesRHPCollegeReleased
32Matt CookseyOFCollegeReleased
36Hector DelgadilloRHPCollegeReleased
37Chris Looze1BCollegeReleased
39Joshua Celigoy1BCollegeReleased
40Alberto QuintanaCCollegeReleased
43Connor FalkenbachRHPCollegeReleased

2004 Draft

Six players have made it to the major leagues, so far. Casey Janssen; Adam Lind and Jesse Litsch are full time major leaguers. Curtis Thigpen spent parts of 2007 with the Jays, David Purcey has made a few starts and is now a reliever; Zach Jackson has had a cup of coffee.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1David PurceyLHPCollegeBlue Jays
1SZach Jackson LHPCollegeTraded to Milwaukee
2Curtis Thigpen CCollegeTraded to Oakland
3Adam Lind 1BCollegeBlue Jays
3Danny HillRHPCollegeReleased
4Casey Janssen RHPCollegeBlue Jays
5Ryan KlostermanSSCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
6Cory PattonOFCollegeReleased
7Randy DickenRHPCollegeReleased
8Chip Cannon1BCollegeReleased
9Joey Metropoulos1BCollegeReleased
10Brian Hall2BCollege Released
11Kristian BellRHPCollegeTraded to Oakland
12Eric NielsenOFCollegeReleased
13Kyle YatesRHPCollegeReleased
14Jordan TimmLHPCollegeReleased
15Michael MacDonaldRHPCollegeReleased
16Jose CastroSSPRUnsigned
17Michael CooperRHPJCUnsigned
18Joey McLaughlinRHPCollegeTraded
19Aaron MathewsOFCollegeReleased
20Bobby ScottRHPHSUnsigned
21Scott RoyRHPCollegeReleased
22Joe WiceLHPJCReleased
23Daryl HarangLHPCollegeReleased
24Jesse Litsch RHPJCBlue Jays
25Jason ArmstrongSSCollegeReleased
26Brian BormasterCCollegeReleased
27Casey McKenzieRHPCollegeReleased
28Josh LexCCollegeReleased
29Michael MacalusoSSCollegeReleased
30Cory HahnRHPCollegeReleased
31Paul Franko3BJCReleased
32Aaron TresslerRHPCollegeReleased
33Greg Powers3BCollegeReleased
34Derek TateLHPCollegeReleased
35Charles AndersonOFCollegeReleased
36David Hicks1BCollegeReleased
37Anthony Garibaldi3BCollegeReleased

2003 Draft

Six players have made it, so far. Aaron Hill; Shaun Marcum and Ryan Roberts are regular players; Tom Mastny spent a little time in the Cleveland bullpen; Josh Banks and Jamie Vermilyea are still looking for a full time major league job.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Aaron Hill SSCollegeArizona
2Josh Banks RHPCollegeLost on Waivers to Padres
3Shaun Marcum RHPCollegeMilwaukee
4Kurt IsenbergLHPCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
5Justin JamesRHPCollegeTraded to Cincinnati
6Christian SnavelyOFCollegeReleased
7Danny CoreRHPCollegeReleased
8Chad MulhollandRHPCollegeReleased
9Jamie Vermilyea RHPCollegeReleased
10Jayce TinglerOFCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
11Tom Mastny RHPCollegeTraded to Cleveland
12Jayson RodriguezRHPCollegeReleased
13Matt FosterLHPCollegeReleased
14Jeremy HarperRHPCollegeReleased
15Vito Chiaravalloti1BCollegeTraded to Baltimore
16Joey ReimanCCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
17Jordy TempletRHPCollegeReleased
18Ryan Roberts 3BCollegeLeft as minor league free agent
19Adrian MartinRHPHSReleased
20Brad DepoyRHPHSUnsigned
21Mark SopkoRHPCollegeReleased
22Vinny Esposito3BCollegeReleased
23Jeremy Acey2BCollegeReleased
25Brian Patrick2BCollegeReleased
26Kyle ThousandOFCollegeReleased
27Brian ReedRHPCollegeReleased
30Billy WheelerRHPJCReleased
31Joaquin CanizalRHPCollegeReleased
32Brad MummaLHPCollegeReleased
33Joey WolfeCCollegeRetired
42Jeremy KnicelyCCollegeReleased
49Michael RiderRHPJCReleased

2002 Draft

Five players made the major leagues, David Bush is a regular while Adam Peterson, Jordan DeJong; Russ Adams and Eric Kratz had brief careers.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Russ Adams SSCollegeReleased
2David Bush RHPCollegeTraded to Milwaukee
3Justin MaureauLHPCollegeReleased
4Adam Peterson RHPCollegeTraded to Arizona
5Chad PleinessRHPCollegeRetired
6Jason PerryOFCollegeTraded to Oakland
7Brian GrantRHPHSReleased
8Chris LeonardLHPCollegeReleased
9Russell SavickasRHPHSReleased
10Eric Arnold2BCollegeReleased
11Jason WaughOFCollegeReleased
12Michael RogaRHPCollegeReleased
13John SchneiderCCollegeReleased
14Mike GallowayOFCollegeReleased
15David SmithOFCollegeLeft as free agent
17Randy BraunOFHSReleased
18Jordan DeJong RHPCollegeLeft as free agent
19Brad HasseySSCollegeReleased
22Eric RicoOFCollegeReleased
23Bubbie BuzacheroRHPCollegeTraded to Cleveland
25Zeph Zinsman1BCollegeReleased
28Paul RichmondCCollegeReleased
29Eric KratzCCollegeLeft as free agent
30A.J. PorfirioOFCollegeReleased
33Carlo Cota2BCollegeReleased
34Justin OwensOFCollegeReleased
35Andy TorresRHPCollegeReleased
36Scott DragicevichSSCollegeReleased

2001 Draft

Three players made the major leagues, none of them outstanding so far. Gabe Gross is a platoon player, Dave Gassner had a cup of coffee and Brandon League is in the Seattle bullpen.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Gabe Gross OFCollegeTraded to Milwaukee
2Brandon League RHPHSTraded to Seattle
9Luke HetheringtonOFHSReleased
24Dave Gassner RHPCollegeTraded to Minnesota

2000 Draft

Two players made the major leagues, Dustin McGowan and Vinnie Chulk.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Miguel NegronOFHSClaimed by the Cubs, May 2006
1Dustin McGowan RHPHSBlue Jays
2Peter BauerRHPCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft
2Dominic Rich2BCollegeReleased
4Raul TabladoRHPHSReleased
5Mike SmithRHPCollegeReleased
11Tracy ThorpeRHPHSLost on waivers, spring 2008
12Vinnie Chulk RHPCollegeTraded to Giants
13Shawn Fagan3BCollegeReleased
14Charles TalanoaRHPJCReleased
18Vince PerkinsRHPJCClaimed by Milwaukee spring 2006
21Jesse HarperRHPJCClaimed by Milwaukee June 2004
22Ron DavenportOFHSLeft as minor league free agent
24Kurt KeeneIFCollegeLost in minor league rule 5 draft

1999 Draft

Three players made the major leagues, all regular players.

RdPlayerPosFromCurrent Level
1Alexis Rios OFHSLost via waivers
2Michael Snyder1BHSReleased
6D.J. HansonRHPHSReleased after numerous injuries
7Derrek NunleyRHPHSReleased
10Robert Cosby3BHSLeft as minor league free agent
14Brandon Lyon RHPCollegeMLB
17Reed Johnson OFCollegeMLB
29Chris BakerRHPCollegeTopped out in AAA, left as free agent

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